The Essential 6

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1. Breathing, Imprint, Table Top.

Be sure to do several rounds of inhales and exhales, 2-3 reps of imprint and neutral, slowly bring one leg up to table top.

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exhale as you imprint, move slowly. avoid using glutes.

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lift one leg at a time slowly and at the speed of your exhale. Back pain? stick with one leg only. Use exhale for all movement

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2. Posture Prep

no head mat under the head. start in neutral, roll up one vertebra at a time as you exhale on as many exhales as you need. at the top, check to see if you have a straight line from from ribs to your knees, you should feel your glutes and legs legs working. exhale to roll down.

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3. Arms to Abs

Start with the arms up toward the ceiling. Exhale to slowly move the arms back toward your head at the speed of breath. Maintain neutral if your feet are down and imprint if you choose the more challenging version with your legs in tablet top. 2-3 reps. all movement on the exhale.

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4. Ab Prep

gently nod your chin toward your chest. keep your low back in neutral unless your legs up in table top, then keep your imprint. Exhale to roll the upper body slightly up, only as high as you can maintain low ab tone. Inhale to hold, Exhale to roll down.

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5. Prone lateral legs & small extension

press your pubic bone into the mat, straighten your knees, point your feet and rotate your legs slightly out. on your exhale, practice lifting one leg at a time off the mat without moving the low back.

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keep both feet down and lift the upper body up on the exhale. move only in your upper back and neck. lift arms slightly off the mat. exhale to lower.

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6. Leg pull front prep/elbow bends

on all fours, inhale, exhale slightly lift your knees off the mat. inhale to hold, exhale to lower with control.

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for more challenge, stretch the legs out into a push up position. inhale to bend the elbows, exhale to press up with control