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VASIE Breathing & Cardio Want to drop 2 minutes off your 5K time?

Cardio Junkies - We salute you. And we want to keep you doing what you want both better and longer. Here’s a new study that will help to support what we’ve been saying for years about Pilates and cardio performance... It really helps - A LOT.

When we think of fitness, cardio is one of the first things that comes to mind. Studies show that this is a VERY important part of fitness. At Studio One we are huge fans of people getting their cardio in. I personally do 3 - 6 sessions of cardio per week of various lengths. I'm a huge fan of the 2 -3 hour hike on weekends.

At Studio One we work hard to help you create the muscular and respiratory conditions that will make doing cardio effective, and fun for as long as possible in the lifespan.

Keeping Cardio Effective:

What is “effective cardio.” In the short-run, it is what will help you to win that next race or event. If you are trying to win a race later this month, it will mean workouts that will help you to reach this short term goal. However, if you are looking at the ability to enjoy the benefits and fun of cardio into your 100’s - effective cardio takes on a new meaning.

In the medium to long run, you may want to look more at supplementing your cardio exercise. You may want to add exercises that will improve your form, support better body mechanics, and respiration during your cardio workouts.

Choose Pilates

A study done in 2018 did a 12 week running program. One that combined Pilates with the program and the other group did running only. In fact, in 12 week study of Pilates for runners significant improvement was noted in the Pilates group over the control group. In addition to significantly faster running times (they dropped over 2 minutes on their 5K’s vs the control group!) the Pilates group also saw a significant increase in their VO2max due to learning Pilates breathing. I am sure everyone would agree that a high V02max makes anything cardio much more fun.

So, if you want to maintain your ability to do cardio effectively as you age, it is important to maintain proper balance between in the muscles that help you breath & the ones that make you move! Maintaining the coordination in these muscles makes people perform better at cardio in general. We hear comments from clients such as - “I was out hiking with a bunch of friends who hike much more than I do but I could keep us easily & was just as fast.” This study helps to show that this is not a fluke. It is science and it is by design.

Fun Cardio: When you know you’re getting great results, your breathing feels easy and relaxed, and your body is feeling balanced because you are using the right muscle for the job.

Easy breathing + feeling strong and balanced + using the right muscles = FUN CARDIO


24 Apr 2018: Finatto P, Silva ESD, Okamura AB, Almada BP, Storniolo JLL, et al. (2018) Correction: Pilates training improves 5-km run performance by changing metabolic cost and muscle activity in trained runners. PLOS ONE 13(4): e0196509.

Finatto P1, Silva ESD1, Okamura AB1, Almada BP1, Storniolo JLL2, Oliveira HB1, Peyré-Tartaruga LA1.


Confirming our hypothesis, a significant improvement (p<0.05) was observed for running performance in the PG (pre: 25.65±0.4 min; post: 23.23±0.4 min) compared to the CG (pre: 25.33±0.58 min; post: 24.61±0.52 min). Similarly, the PG (4.33±0.07 had better responses than the CG (4.71±0.11 during post-training for Cmet. These findings were accompanied by decreased electromyographic activity of the postural muscles at submaximal running intensities in the PG.


Overall, these results provide a rationale for selecting strength training strategies that target adaptations on specific postural and locomotor muscles for trained distance runners.