Local Pilates Classes

How To Register For A Class

There are several ways to sign up for classes

1. Through our website. Go HERE to view the schedule and get registered !

2. The Studio One Pilates app

3. The MindBody app (great if you also go to other gyms/ studios who use the MindBody scheduling software)

download our schedule app

I can't get scheduled for class...

While we diligent in responding to emails, some classes do fill up quickly. Here are a couple ways to troubleshoot so you can reserve your spot faster!

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Are you logged in?

Seems like a silly question, but even if you're logged out it will still let you view the schedule. When you go to book a class it will give you the "Add to Calendar" option and no "Book Class". If you see the "Add to Calendar" option, the app may have logged you out!

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Not able to sign up for a certain day?

Registration for class becomes available at 12am 7 days in advance. For instance, if it's Monday and you're trying to register for the Monday two weeks out, you will not be able to do so.

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Was a payment skipped?

If you recently got a new card, you may want to check to see if your monthly payment didn't get processed. You can always log in HERE and go to "PURCHASES" to see if a payment has been missed.

If it has, you can update your card under "ACCOUNT INFO" or "MY ACCOUNT" to update your card. Shoot us a quick email to let us know we can run the payment(s). We'll confirm as soon as it's done!

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Not able to register for a certain class?

If you have a "mat only" membership, reformer and Chair classes are not included in your membership.

There's also the chance that the class you are attempting to register for is already full and you've been added to the waitlist. On the Studio One Pilates app it will come up yellow and on the right hand side how you what number you are on the waitlist! If you are on our website, you should click on the top where it says "Physical Studio LOG-IN" and then go to Schedule. It will display your classes and on the right hand side indicate if you're on the waitlist.

Sometimes, the waitlist is also full in which case you can try to add yourself to the waitlist a little later or another day once spots have opened up (and they usually always do!)

The Studio One Community

We are here to tone, strengthen, learn, sweat, and get better together. Help yourself, help your neighbor get to class by respecting the waitlist.

As a courtesy to folks on the waitlist please cancel out of a class you cannot attend at least 2 hours prior to the start of class. If you cancel under 2 hours or reserve a spot and don't attend you will be charged $10.