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May 27th Update

We're taking extra precautions and have prepared the studio to make this as seamless and safe as possible for everyone. Think of your instructor as your flight attendant not only guiding you through structural integration, but also the building!

WHEN YOU ARRIVE (Please arrive 5 minute prior to the listed start time):

  • Line up outside. You'll be outside of suite 900 for Mat classes or 700 for Reformer classes.
  • All spots are marked 6 feet apart. We know everyone is excited to see each other again, but please be mindful and stay at your marked spot while you wait for class.
  • Put your mask on. We are asking everyone to wear their masks into and out of the building.
  • Put your equipment and belongings in the bin at your spot. Bins are cleaned between classes!
  • Wait for your instructor. Your instructor will open the door, check you in and let you know which number workout station to go to.
  • Take your shoes off and please use hand sanitizer before taking some wipe. Take more than you think you'll need. Be greedy with the wipes - we have plenty! Then your instructor will tell you which station to go to.
  • Wipe down your station. While everything is clean, please give it a good wipe down again.
  • Keep your mask on until your instructor gives the OK to remove it.


  • Wipe everything down again! Your instructor will hand you some more wipes to wipe down your equipment and station again.
  • Remember to take your equipment. You'll need it for next time!
  • Put your mask on to leave the building.
  • Please wait for your instructor to give you exiting instructions. Your instructor will let you know what order to leave so you can continue to maintain distance.
  • Leave your bin lined up outside the door, we will disinfect it.


  • Come to class dressed. Dressing rooms will be temporarily closed for now.
  • Bring you own water. Especially as it gets warmer!
  • Please be prompt arriving for class (5 minutes early) and when leaving. While we are SO excited to see you, we have a limited time to air out and clean the room before the next class.
  • Bathrooms. You will be asked to wipe down all surfaces you touched in the restroom after use with a disinfectant wipe. We will also clean each bathroom every hour as required.
  • The lobby and the front desk are closed. To keep the number of interactions and places of transition low, we are temporarily moving all account service to email.

May 25th Update




  • Pre-screening. After scheduling your class you will be asked to fill out a prescreening questionnaire. You must complete a health pre-screen at least 24 hours before class. If you do not complete the pre-screen we are not allowed (by law) to save you a space in class.
  • 24 hour cancelation. Due to pre-screening; we need time to manually add people from the waitlists and scan pre-screening.
  • You can do so through the website or the app!:
  • Please cancel classes 24 hours in advance.
  • If you cancel under 24 hours, you will be charged $10.
  • If you reserve a spot and do not show up for class you will be charged $10.
  • Please keep in mind that all late fees are donated to Alaska Charities
  • Last year Studio One Clients donated over $3,000 to local causes.
  • The dressing rooms are temporarily closed. Please come prepared to workout.
  • Bathrooms. You will be asked to wipe down all surfaces you touched in the restroom after use with a disinfectant wipe. We will also clean each bathroom every hour as required.
  • The lobby and the front desk are closed. To keep the number of interactions and places of transition low we are temporarily moving all account service to email.
  • Personal Bins instead of hooks & cubbies. Instead of using the coat hooks and cubbies for your personal items, you will be given a large plastic bin with a lid to take with you into the classroom and have next to you by your workout station. The bins will be cleaned between classes.
  • 10 ft apart while exercising. We are going to be far apart from each other. 10 ft apart while exercising.
  • 30 minutes in between each class will allow us to clean each restroom and classroom and aired out.
  • Masks in transitions. Please wear a mask into the building and while in transition. While you are in your 10 ft bubble you can take you mask off as you are exercising.
  • Check in & line to get into class will be outside & 6 feet apart. Your instructor will check you in. There is no need to have your scan card.
  • Separate entrances for each class. We are now in two class rooms and will be using the entrance of the classroom for the respective class to enter and exit.

Other information:

  • Slightly different class times to allow for more time to thoroughly clean between each class.
  • Please limit your visits to 2 times a week to start to make sure we can get everyone into class. We will adjust as we can while still adhering to city mandates.
  • To limit how many people are in the building, Maggie and Tristen will be working off site as much as possible. They are still available via email at for account questions.
  • We will send out more information later this week with what to expect when you do arrive for class.
  • Please bring your own equipment to classes. If you still need to purchase some, links are below.

Our priority is the health and safety of our community and team. We know this has been a very challenging time for everyone and we doing everything we can to safely re-open so you can enjoy a high quality Studio One class. We are confident that our community WILL come out of this stronger, more resourceful, and healthier!

We will continue to adapt and adjust as more information becomes available to us. Thank you so much for your patience and support as navigate our new normal.

We're looking forward to seeing you in classes!



We are excited to see you for classes June 1st! We want to first welcome back our corona care kit clients and over the course of the next month we will add more classes to accomodate more clients. We also want to remind you of the benefits you can start using in exchange for paying your membership dues while we were closed.

Corona Care Kit Members Benefits:

  • $9 off your monthly membership for 9 months ($82 value)
  • 3 master classes a value of $135
  • 2 intensives a value of $170
  • 20% off Rofling and Private lesson the rest of the year. - we have yet to open the schedule for private lesson and Rolfing but will let you know as soon as the schedule is available.
  • You are the first group of clients to be invited back to the studio to take class.

Classes will be smaller, can I still get in?

Anyone who is on a punchcard or is has terminated their membership or is on hold will be asked to wait until July and August to sign up for classes.

  • Studio one has lost over 50% of our members.
  • In addition we are no longer selling new memberships punchcards or drop in classes for the time being.
  • This means all the classes that we rescheduled are for you only.

With this in mind there should be enough room for you to attend at least 2 classes per week perhaps even more as we add more classes.


We will continue to live stream classes add new content and keep the platform going and thriving.

Who is coming back to teach?

As you can imagine, not everyone is ready to come back and exercise in a group class format. Clients who are at risk are encouraged to continue with online classes. As you can probably guess, our instructors are in the same boat while they desperately want to see you and get back to work not all studio one staff is able to come back for the reopening in June. We are hoping to bring everyone back by early August to resume a fuller schedule.


You will need to bring your own Pilates mat to class and any other equipment you like to use in a mat class. For reformer classes you will need to bring your own straps. Here are the links to buy. Studio one can no longer provide props for your class.

Official schedule gets posted on Monday



We are excited to reopen June 1st. This will be a soft opening with limited classes and limited spots. As you know there are a lot of mandated restrictions in terms of class sizes as well as health and safety issues.

In addition, you may notice several of our instructors are currently missing from our lineup. Most of them will return in the later in the summer and we are excited for their return and hopefully having a full team.

Like everything Covid related, we will open in stages:

When Can I Start Taking Class?

  • CURRENT MEMBERS: (corona care kit) Members who maintained their membership payments June 1st
  • MEMBERS ON HOLD: Members who were on hold - will remain on hold until original request expires. You will be welcomed back to take class once your hold is lifted. We will not be able to provide early hold lifts.
  • PUNCHCARDS: We are hoping to have more staff members by July 1st and therefore more classes. Please keep in touch, we will do our best to have you back in class by July 1st at the earliest and August 1st at the latest. Your punchcard expiration dates will be extended accordingly.
  • TERMINATED: Terminated members - members who terminated and would like to participate in class by purchasing a punchcard or a membership will be asked to wait until August 15th (date is approximate)
  • NEW CLIENTS: no new memberships, punchcards will be sold until further notice. Currently, we are unable to serve new clients.
  • Private lessons & Rolfing sessions - If you have pre-paid packages and individual lessons we will be contacting you individually to see if you would like to schedule.
  • New private lessons and Rolfing sessions: July 1st. (date is approximate)

We would love to get you to class as quickly as possible. We will know more about the distances that we are allowed between clients and class sizes after the soft opening. There is obviously a lot of uncertainty surrounding this. Our guidance from the city and the state changes by the day and we are doing our best to keep up with the changes. In order to keep everyone safe and follow city and state laws we obviously need time to respond and in order to keep you safe and healthy.

Stay tuned for updates & changes.

Miss out on getting studio equipment?

We were BLOWN AWAY at the quick response from so many of our clients! We can't wait to see you in classes again!!

If you ordered your equipment from us, we thank you for your patience and please continue to bear with us as we get it together for you to pick up (sorry, no shipping). We will send you an email when it's ready to be picked up with a date and time.

Didn't get the items you wanted and needed? We're sorry we ran out, we only had a limited number as these were our in studio items we are sharing with you to help you keep the cost down but there is not enough for everyone since the studio carried a limited amount of items for daily use. We are doing our absolute best to make sure you're all set up for classes when they resume in a couple of weeks!

Here is what we recommend that you may have at home that you can bring with you (and we promise, no one will judge you, in fact you may not be able to see it through the mask, but we'll be smiling!):

  • Head Mat = rolled up towel or sheet
  • VASIE Larger ball = roll of toilet paper (seriously - it works great!)
  • 2lb weights = cans of vegetables
  • Pilates mat = a yoga mat or folded thicker sheets (for padding)

Don't worry about the other equipment for now, remember we can always help you modify with a different piece of equipment that you DO have!

As far as the reformer straps, we do know they are in demand. We do not have any left in the studio.

Here is where you can purchase them:

YOU WILL NEED TO CALL (1-800-745-2837) - they will ship to Alaska but you must call them to place the order (shipping will be $7 - or if you'd prefer tracking it'll be $34 for shipping)

There is also:

Ordered items from Studio One to be shipped? Unfortunately we are not shipping any of these items at this time. If you accidentally ordered any items from us with the intention of getting them shipped, please email Maggie directly at

Here is also some other equipment you can purchase new, elsewhere:

Here are some links!


Small Ball

Weighted Ball (4lbs)

Fitness Circle



Flex Band

BYOE (bring your own equipment)

One ways we are making your classes safer is by asking your to provide your own equipment for classes (don't worry, you don't need to bring an entire reformer with you each time 😉)

To make things easier for our estimated re-opening date of June 1, we have some of our equipment on sale! It is used... so it's a great deal. Supplies is limited and there are no returns or exchanges. Once you place your order, we'll send you an email for a pick up time so we can continue to maintain social distance. PLUS, the first 50 people who order will get a FREE small orange ball included in their order!

We recommend:

  • Mat ($15)
  • Head mat ($1)
  • Larger ball ($2)
  • Flex band ($2.50)
  • 2lb weights ($6)
  • Set of reformer straps for your hands and feet ($15)

    - For your health and safety if you choose to take Reformer classes we are asking you provide your own straps. We have well loved & clean sets for purchase for $15, but if you would prefer to buy your own, you can do that HERE for the balanced body version. Also, HERE for the STOTT Pilates version.

Also for sale:

  • Weighted ball ($5)
  • Fitness circle ($12)
  • Bosu ($50)
  • VASIE Calf Stretchers ($35)
  • 2lb weights ($6)
  • Wedges (small and large) ($12)
  • Pilates Arc barrel ($100)


As Of May 12th 2020:

STUDIO ONE RE-OPENING UPDATE: Here are just some of the ways we are preparing for a SAFE reopening.

  • Limiting class sizes & creating a new schedule.
  • Eliminating areas of potential congregation eg. water cooler, front desk, waiting for a restroom and many more.
  • Creating a separate entrance and exit for each class.
  • Training studio one instructors on new procedures to keep all of us safe.
  • Procedures for screening all people before class.
  • We are making a list of suggested items you can bring to class as we will need to limit the number of toys we provide during class, we will have some items for sale soon!

whew! those are just some of the things we are working on this week. We appreciate your patience and want to do the very best for you. Our estimated opening date is June 1st. We understand that this date may feel far away but our goal is to create an environment where all of us feel safe and relaxed with proper precautions so we can all relax and enjoy a good class! If you need to adjust your account eg. terminate or put on hold, please contact us at

thank you & we can't wait to see you again