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We've been getting the Anchorage community feeling stronger and more confident on their core for 20 years. Whether you're coming in to tone up, feel stronger or get rid of aches and pains, we're going to help you get those results.

Our mission and goal is for you to be able to do more over what you love for longer! That means getting more (and better) results from your current activities but also keep you active and moving for the rest of your life.

After 6-8 weeks of classes you'll be feeling taller, stronger, more confident, and calmer... all thanks to a stronger better functioning core!

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No need to bring anything with you to class... we have all the equipment you'll need for every workout in the studio. We also have cleaning wipes in every classroom so you can wipe down your equipment at the end of class!

Changing Rooms / Lockers:

We have women's changing rooms and lockers, as well as men's changing rooms. There will be someone in the lobby to greet you, show you where they are if you need to get changed or store your belongings! We'll also help you get checked in for class, get you your personal scan card for future classes, and show you where your class will be that day.

Shoes & What to Wear:

You won't need shoes for your workout, unless you've been instructed by a physician to wear them. We ask that you please leave them in the lobby with your coat while in class. The choice to wear socks or not is up to you!

There is NO fashion police at Studio One! Please wear what you feel most comfortable moving in. Since you will be laying on your back in some classes, we do recommend avoiding baggy shorts.


The great thing about our program is that we'll direct (or cue) you through every movement in every class... We even remind you to breathe throughout class! If you've never been to a class before, we encourage you to come to Pilates 101 first to get more familiar with the movements.

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  • *Effortless, beautiful posture
  • *Tone (especially in your low abs!)
  • *Confidence
  • *Energy that lasts longer
  • *Feel calm & more grounded throughout the day
  • *Gain back (& keep) that 1/4 inch of height you thought you lost
  • *Strong arms, glutes & legs
  • *Icy parking lot ready feet

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Become a NEW member and save TODAY!

Sign up for Unlimited Classes for $99/month (normally $135/month). We've laid out your first 3 months below. After your initial 3 months, you'll get LOCKED IN to your lower rate for LIFE.

Come to classes 2 times a week over the first month, if you don't love it, we'll refund you that month and void your membership. We just ask that you give it a good honest try!

*For new or returning clients who haven't been in 1 year or longer.