💡What is Stabilization?


The easiest explanation is the seamless coordination of breath with the internal strengthening and antigravity muscles in the core. Studio One Pilates is VASIE training center that systematically combines the three crucial phases of stabilization:

  1. Activation phase - breath-linking, a small muscle, small controlled movement. We do this in our deep core toning or breathing attunement trainings.
  2. Strengthening phase - add ROM and work your gym muscles from the core out.
  3. Maintenance Phase - keep mixing both styles of class together.

One of the keys of VASIE is constantly mixing both the core activation/training phase with the core strengthening phase. There is no other workout system that continuously works all three phases. This is important because the Activation phase of training needs to constantly be included in most peoples daily regime. Constantly including this phase helps people to stay out of the injury and re-injury cycle as well as constantly upgrade their internal strength over their lifespan.