💪🏼The Ab Toning Core Reflex Challenge: AKA Stability Challenge

Creating & maintaining stability in your body is one of the most important things you can do to improve your function, form, and the comfort and longevity of your body. Improving your body's stabilization reflexes is the key to changing how your body responds to exercise.


Learning Stability at Studio One Pilates: Do Deep Core Toning Classes

Stability is one of the main skills and reflexes that you learn when you start at Studio One Pilates. It is part of what is taught as you learn to engage Kegel - Breath - Knees - and Toes. Key stability exercises that you already know are imprint, and tabletop legs, as well as arm raises. Stability training is also often called “core” training or lumbar stabilization training. Your stability muscles along with breath create the inner strength that keep you longer and looking younger and leaner as you work to increase your outer strength through normal workouts and activities.

Our Deep Core Toning classes and stabilization training is designed to help people to jumpstart the muscles and the reflexes that should be working to protect your spine and joints during exercise.

As you learn to engage, and then strengthen and maintain your body's stabilizing muscles and reflexes, you will learn to upgrade your mind-body balance, and improve how you look and how well your body responds to (and enjoys) exercise. In addition, you will tone up and get out of pain.

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You may need more stability if:

  • Your abs don’t flatten no matter how much you work out (plus or minus adipose tissue)
  • Your waist is no longer or has never been narrower in the middle than the hips
  • You tend to have a lot of joint pain and injuries
  • You don’t let go of stress as easily as most people
  • You feel like you have a chronically bad posture.
  • You tend to store a lot of stress in your back or neck.

If the problems above are persistent and ongoing you should make sure you do a lot of Deep Core Toning Classes. As you progress you will want to keep mixing the Deep Core Toning classes into your repertoire so that you keep these reflexes and muscle up to speed as you get stronger.