△Stability is The Key to Changing Your Exercise Type

If you have a lot of the issues listed above you may be exercise non-responsive or even worse, exercise-resistant. If you are an exercise non-responder your weight and conditioning level will change but your posture, and movement and overall look will not change as well as you would expect for the amount of work you are doing. Exercise non-responders will feel OK from workouts but not great.

If you are exercise-resistant - exercise literally hurts you. Exercise gets you INTO pain and it makes your posture and body feel worse! The sad side effect of this is that you feel totally crazy! Everyone says that workouts should make you feel better!

If you are exercise-resistant or neutral, learning to stabilize your joints through the skills we teach at Studio One can be a game-changer. With the right muscles working and the right reflexes working, you will start to see changes that may have been eluding you for years.

One of my favorite stories this week is a very strong male client who told me that he increased the amount of weight he was able to use by 20 pounds or 40% after simply doing his deep core toning routine. If it sounds like magic. It is.