🦸🏻‍♀️ Superhero Shoulder Correction Routine

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Gentle Shoulder Corrector 1.

This exercise is simple but deceptively strong. Put your fingers tips on the ends of your shoulder blades. With fingers on the tips of your shoulders:

  • Lift your shoulders.
  • Start to gently pull your shoulders away from your ears.
  • Pull your shoulders slightly wider and then down the back of the body. and set them gently down the back as you gently pull the tips of your shoulder blades slightly back and wider. You should feel slight stretch at the base of the neck or across the collar bones. Remember to pull the shoulder wider and away from your ears.
  • With your shoulders pulled away from your ears and gently down your back breath in deeply. You should feel a stretch either across the upper back or the shoulders.
  • Hold this position press your upper chest up slightly (without pinching your shoulders together) and hold for this for 2 - 4 breathes.

Shoulder Corrector 2 : Wear Your Shoulders Like a Hero’s cape...

Your shoulder is only connected to your torso at one small joint. This joint is at the collar bones right where you would button a cape. Your shoulders rely 100 percent on muscular balance to sit evenly over your rib cage. When everything is well balanced the tips of your shoulder blades drop lightly down the back and there is lift and openness in the upper chest across the collar bones. Instead of being crowded onto the front of your body your shoulders will feel open and easily drop down your back.

Think of a hero in a cape vs. a villain. Imagine an strong open upper chest with shoulders (a cape) effortlessly flowing down the back.

Breath in deeply into your upper chest and at the same time pull your shoulders straight down your back about 1/2 inch. Hold this breath as you keep your chest lifted and shoulders pulled down your back.

Next: Gently take this your more open chest and “lightly pulled down the back” shoulders for a walk. Direct your breath occasionally into your upper chest as you walk.

Do this exercise several times per day. It will help you to open your shoulders and relax your neck.