When Life Gives You lemons; you can make much more than just lemonade.

A lot of people come to Studio One because of pain. They often stay because they get so much more than just pain relief. One of the great things about exercise and taking care of your mind and body is that the benefits are life multipliers. Pilates doesn’t just flatten your abs and get you out of pain. It also improves your posture, keeps you from slipping on the ice, and is a known mood and confidence builder.

As many of you know, I have a history that includes chronic pain, many injuries, and some trauma. Many of you do as well. When it comes to health, I’ve learned to look for the “life multipliers” in everything I do to stay healthy, happy, and pain-free. When I can look at all of the benefits of making a change, I often feel more motivated and stick to the changes longer. A couple of personal examples: I’ve eaten gluten-free for almost 40 years. It can be inconvenient, and I often go hungry. On the bright side, I save thousands of calories a year that just aren’t available to me. My joint & other issues keep me exercising daily. A side effect of my problems - I stay in shape & I stay leaner.

Pauls Corollary: Whenever life gives you lemons, get a 3x return on the effort it takes to fit the situation. So maybe you start with some Lemons. Use that juice to make lemonade. Use some of the rinds for a soothing tea. Add the zest to a vinaigrette or lemon ginger dressing, and make use of the smell to boost your mood. Then use the leftover to freshen up your garbage disposal. Apply this idea to your everyday life and find the value in things you may have never noticed before.

the source of these lemon ideas.