Celebrating 20 years - Elaine's Story

We are excited to celebrate 20 years in the Anchorage community! Thanks to our wonderful, enthusiastic and dedicated clients who have come to spend an hour or two (sometimes 12) with us throughout the week!

20 years ago, if you had asked us where we'd be now, I don't think anyone would have been able to predict all of the wonderful lasting relationships we've had the amazing opportunity to build. The structural changes are just a bonus when it comes to the community we share!

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This week we would like to congratulate Elaine Rasher for teaching, working, Rolfing®, mentoring at studio one for 20 years. Elaine's knowledge and passion for sharing is just one of the reasons why many clients love her classes and sessions so much. Here is Elaine's story


Once upon a time...

We were a one room studio with three reformers, three chairs, a Cadillac and space for fifteen mats on the floor ( eighteen if we blocked the doorway). Our first Studio group class was on a Wednesday, at 11 am. It had three people in it, and we were SO excited to be on the way with Studio One!

I started training in Pilates, with Paul, in the spring of 2000. We met at his home three times per week and for two hours he would work with me, teaching the fundamental connections and movements of STOTT Pilates. I loved every minute of it! (Especially when his cats came and sat on me in the middle of an exercise.) It was a fascinating process filled with discovery and challenge. My posture and movement skills were not great in the beginning and I've joked, to others, many times over the years that successfully teaching me Pilates should make Paul eligible for sainthood. Summer turned to fall and we began teaching others through large group classes at Inner Dance Yoga Studio. It wasn't long before we dreamed of, and needed, our own space. In March 2001 we moved into suite 600 (the current mat room). It felt a little bit like coming home.

As the years have passed, our little space has grown by leaps and bounds into an incredible workplace that continues to inspire me and, even better, inspires others. The strength, tenacity, focus, courage, perseverance, and trust that our clients exhibit daily encourages me to be the best instructor I can be and it has felt like a deep and rare privilege to work with all of the amazing individuals who have come through our door. I can't tell you how many classes or clients I've taught over the past twenty years but I hope to bring even more value to our interactions in the years to come.

Lastly, I'd like to express my profound gratitude (that doesn't even come close but I can't think of a better word at the moment) to my employer, mentor, and friend for the huge amount of trust and faith you've had in me over the years. Not many people would take such a huge risk with a brand new employee. He trained me and then set me loose to do the best I could with the little bit I had. I only hope that I have come close to proving that trust was not misplaced. It is no exaggeration to say that meeting and working with Paul Van Alstine has changed my (and my families) life and I thank God every day for bringing you into my sphere. Thank you for envisioning this amazing place for movement, education, and wellness. It's very different from the place we dreamed of, over Bears Tooth nachos, all those years ago and infinitely better. Here's to the next 20 years!


Elaine Rasher xo