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The right amount of Kegel at the right time.

When training your pelvic floor muscles it's not about how hard and tight you can squeeze, it's about training sphincteric reflexes to activate at the right time. The sphincters of the pelvic floor should close before any other movement happens. That's what stabilizes your back and prevents you from peeing your pants. How much do I kegel? Be sure to watch the video and follow along and come to class when you can this week!

Articles & Resources About the Pelvic Floor

Kegels are important but life saving? We thinks so...

Check out the 5 ways kegeling really help you! An article by Paul Van Alstine. Download the article below.

Training the Pelvic Floor Muscles

A short and practical guide to pelvic floor cue by Tamarah Nerreter, PT acupuncturist and Pilates Instructor! Download the article below.

Pelvic Floor Self Assessment Form

This self assessment form is a great tool for gauging the health of your pelvic floor. Take a minute and determine if you need more help from a health care provider.

Master Classes

Master classes are two-hour plateau busters that help you reach the next level of integration, tone, strength & confidence!

Master classes are the heart of your learning and education at Studio One. They provide the opportunity to really slow down and learn a profoundly new way of changing your body through exercise. Every master class is carefully designed to help you get several “ah-ha” moments.


Intensives are part of the VASIE Movement University series. The weekend intensive classes go through the entire VASIE Pilates repertoire. It is created with the goal of sharing the deep knowledge that Studio One instructors & Rolfers® know and have with every client. We believe that the skills you learn and transformations you make here at Studio One Pilates are for life. Let's make 2019 a year of learning, changing & growth!

Instructor Training

Look good, feel good and learn to help others to do the same. Explore and expand your knowledge of the body and increase your confidence by joining the VASIE Pilates Instructor Training. Because there was so much interest, we added another certification course this year!

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