Healthy Tips for Sporting Holiday Heels

Heels are a part of many women’s wardrobes. From an aesthetic standpoint they make a person look taller, and they make many people stand straighter, lift the chest, and accentuate people’s figures. Heels tend to increase the arch in the wearers low back significantly. Because of this, and how they tend to strain the feet, there can be significant drawbacks. There is good research that links heels and low back pain, injuries from falls and sprains, and bunions. Generally, the higher the heel the greater the problems that are associated with wearing them…

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Exercises & Tips!

So You Want/Need to Wear Heels? Time to Cross Train your Feet!

Below are 4 Exercises will train your feet and ankle stabilizers and can be done anywhere!

1. Heel Raises: 10 - 30 reps

• While barefoot, raise up onto the balls of the feet, keeping your weight predominately over the first and second toes (not letting the foot roll outwards).

  • Hold this for 30 seconds, standing still or practicing walking around in this position.
  • Descend back onto your heels and repeat the exercise until your legs start to burn.

2. Soleus and Calf Stretch: 2 -3 reps

Stretch your calf muscles well after doing the heel raise exercise above.

Stair Stretch: Stand on a stair with the ball of the foot only on the stair.

  • Lower your heels until you feel a stretch,
  • Hold for 30 seconds.
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No Time? - Do these “Under The Table foot Exercises”:

3. The Point and Flex:


  • Start with your toes strongly flexed.
  • Point your foot until you feel a strong contraction in the muscles on the sole of the foot
  • Hold the contraction for several seconds.
  • This exercise will strengthen your plantar flexors and fascias


  • Pull your toes up toward your knees until you feel the muscles on the front of the leg working and a stretch in the back of your leg
  • Hold this stretch for 10 seconds
  • This will stretch and hydrate the muscles and fascias on the sole of the foot.
  • Repeat this point flex sequence 10 - 30 times

4. ankle circles:

  • Make circles with your foot
  • Make several circles in each direction

5 Tips If you must wear heels:

  • Take your shoes off whenever possible during the day.
  • “Cross train" with flats at home and on weekends.
  • Wear the lowest heels possible. (-Typically, the higher the heel the more issues they cause.)
  • Buy the most comfortable shoes possible.
  • Make sure there is enough room for your toes!
  • Buy heels that have a stable (larger) heel when possible. This may prevent falls and muscular fatigue in the ankle and foot.