📚Guidelines & Exercises for Building Strong Bones

A potential result of osteoporosis is fractures. The most common fractures happen at the hip joint, wrists and spine. Doing a combination of weight-barring exercise and balance exercises to prevent falls is key! Here are just some of our recommendations, these are included in almost every class.


Classes & Exercises to Focus on

If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and your doctor has recommended a limited range of motion in flexion here are the classes and exercises you will want to stick to:


  • Deep Core Toning Mat

  • Deep Core Toning Reformer

  • Chair Basics and Chair Plus

  • Ballet Barre

  • Arms & Shoulders Class Mat

  • Arms & Shoulders Class Reformer

All the classes listed have minimal flexion of the spine and therefore are safe. If you've been told you can't do any flexion at all, sign up for a private lesson to get some modifications so you can still attend class and get all the other benefits. Doing Ab Prep is typically ok as it is a very small motion, same amount of movement you would do doing household chores. Bigger moves like scissors are best done with the hands behind the head or with the head down. 1/2 roll & imprint are generally safe too as long as you keep it small & controlled.

Bone & Balance Exercises

  • Adductor warm up - barre
  • Arms to Abs
  • Bicep curls standing
  • Chest opener
  • Contralateral standing
  • Develope - barre
  • Elbow bends
  • Flamingo - barre
  • Leg pull Front Prep
  • One leg circle
  • One leg kick
  • PlankPosture pre/hip roll
  • Prone lateral legs
  • Second position - barre
  • Shoulder bridge
  • Side kick
  • Side leg series
  • Side leg standing/tendu side
  • Single Leg stretch
  • Small extension standing
  • Small extension 1&2
  • Standing lateral legs
  • Swan dive
  • Swimming
  • Table top legs
  • Tendu back
  • Tendu front
  • Triceps
  • Back Rowing Preps
  • Elephant Straight back
  • Footwork
  • Front Rowing Preps
  • Feet in StrapsBend and stretch
  • Knee stretches
  • Long stretch prep
  • Long Box Arms Pulling Straps
  • Swan Dive Prep
  • Long Box Feet Pulling Straps
  • Second Position
  • Posture prep
  • Mermaid sitting
  • Single thigh stretch
  • Straight Back
  • Side arm preps sitting
  • Star prep

Classes & Moves to Avoid

Here are some classes we recommend you avoid, or if you really love coming to a class that might not be ideal for you, sign up for a private lesson and learn to modify the moves listed. Most of the exercise provide so much benefit!

Classes to avoid:

  • Integration Strength & Flexibility Mat +
  • Integration Strength & Flexibility Reformer +


You will notice there are only 4 out of the 90+ classes on schedule that are ISF+ one of the reasons is we do exercises where you put the majority of your body weight on your spine, with weakened bones this is a compromised position for the spine. Also, there is more spinal flexion in these classes in general. Please avoid if you have osteoporosis or osteopenia!

Classes to be cautious in:

  • Integration Strength & Flexibility Mat
  • Integration Strength & Flexibility Reformer
  • Express Abs


These classes are OK for osteoporosis but full spinal motion like full roll up and rolling like a ball should be avoided. Learn modifications by signing up for a private lesson. You can still do the majority of the moves! be careful with short spine & any movement that is contraindicated for your spine and hips.