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Learn How to Develop a Life-Long Structure Changing Plan

Many people feel lost in what they can and can’t realistically achieve with their bodies. It's difficult to set goals and feel sure about how we want our body to change over the next 5 or 10 years.

In this course you will learn how to do a structural analysis to help make informed exercises decisions for yourself and help others do the same.

While this class won’t give you 20 years of experience, you will learn how to identify when changes are being made and how to ensure a body is making progress through touch, observation and a variety of verbal cues. You will learn to see and define the differences of structural integration vs. fitness or regular conditioning.

  • Up to $705 of free classes & discounts included.
  • You'll love this course if you've already completed the VASIE Hands on Instructor Training or have had experience with VASIE for at least 2 year sand want to learn more about how to get results from all your classes and feel confident in your body at any age.
  • Wanting to become an instructor is not a requirement.


Saturdays, April 4th, 11th and 18th 12:30 - 5:30 pm

Course Content

  • 3 Saturdays with VASIE creator Paul Van Alstine
  • VASIE Pilates + Structural Integration Exercise Principles, Theory, Anatomy
  • Enhance your ability observe structure & create a plan to bring it to the next level of integration
  • Develop a personalized, long term plan for lifelong integration and fitness for your self and others
  • Learn & practice 10-15 powerful exercises that create change systematically & predictably

Benefits & Results

  • Develop your eye & understanding of a variety of structures.
  • Set goals and create a personal lifelong plan.
  • Renew your passion for movement and living in your body.
  • Inspire others & learn how to positively move their bodies and confidence forward.
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Free Gifts - Benefits that Make this Class Better than Free ($705 in savings)

All this comes with the class...

  • 1 month of free membership during the class to encourage you to come to every class. [$135 value]
  • 2 Master Classes [$150 value]
  • 1 Intensive class [$115 value]
  • 3 private lessons at $55 each [$90 - $120 value]
  • Online video access for 3 months [$105 value]
  • Save $200 on any future VASIE Certification Courses*

*Not applicable towards previous courses

Cost for the Class

Sign Up Before March 1st:

  • $550 one time payment
  • $275/month, 2 month payment plan

Sign Up After March 1st:

  • $675 one time payment
  • $225/month, 3 month payment plan

Is this Class Right for Me?

  • This is the best course if you've already completed the VASIE Hands On Instructor Training.
  • We recommend that you have experience with VASIE for at least 2 years.

Taught By

Paul Van Alstine

Can't Make it But Still Interested? 

Stay Tuned... We'll have more trainings later in the year!