🏔Studio One Hike + Schedule Alert!

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Friday, October 25th after 2:00 pm there will be no classes


Saturday, October 26th closed for classes all day

Please join us for a hike instead!

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Where: The Hive and Queen Bee Trail (meet at Hillside Park)

When: Saturday, October 26th at 11:00am

Map: Here's the parking area

Who it's for: Everyone is welcome! It's a moderate hike at 4.2 miles with 574 ft of elevation (not too steep!). If you have bad knees or long distances are difficult, we recommend skipping this event.

What to bring: Yourself, a water bottle and bear spray. You're welcome to bring a friend/family and your dog (please bring a leash for them)

A note: Always be aware of your surroundings. Frequently there are mountain bikers on this trail. For safety, please stay to one side of the trail and use caution when rounding corners.

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Why no classes?

All year long our generous neighbors at Ozark's allow us to use their parking lot so studio one staff can leave a little more space for you!

During their huge sale on the evening of the 25th and during the day on 26th we will be lending our parking lot to them! Make sure to stop by to see what they have!

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Join Paul & the studio one team for a hike! 🏔

See how your Pilates has changed your hiking & walking... Plus, it'll be fun! 😄

Regular class schedule will resume Monday, October 28th.