Your Membership During Coronavirus Closure

Due to the unpredictable nature of the current pandemic crisis we are unable to say when Studio One Pilates will reopen for business. We are leaving it up to you to decide on how to proceed with your membership dues. Doing nothing will result in continued autopays. It is the responsibility of the client provide written notice in advance of a hold or cancellation.

If you are a monthly or annual paying member you have several options:

1. Maintain your membership dues and receive the Online & In Studio Savings Corona Care Kit and Discounts 

(Free 3 months of unlimited Online Classes, 3 free master class, 2 free intensives and 20% off Rolfing(r) and private sessions up to 10 of each) Like this option? Follow the link to sign up!

2. Place your membership on hold.

You will not be eligible for the savings listed above. Hold fees range from $0 - $10 depending on when you joined. You can also do the online package but for $10/month (comes with a 14 day free trial)

Like this option? email us at to put your membership on hold, requests for contract holds will not be processed with a phone call. Please email

3. Terminate your membership.

If you would like to keep doing VASIE Pilates you can also do the online package but for $10/month (comes with a 14 day free trial)

If you choose to terminate your membership, you will lose out on your current price and benefits. We cannot guarantee a similar membership if you chose to return in the future.

Like this option? email us to terminate, requests for contract terminations will not be processed with a phone call, terminations must be requested 15 days before billing date. Please email