may 22nd update for non-members


We are excited to reopen June 1st. This will be a soft opening with limited classes and limited spots. As you know there are a lot of mandated restrictions in terms of class sizes as well as health and safety issues.

In addition, you may notice several of our instructors are currently missing from our lineup. Most of them will return in the later in the summer and we are excited for their return and hopefully having a full team.

Like everything Covid related, we will open in stages:

When Can I Start Taking Class?

  • CURRENT MEMBERS: (corona care kit) Members who maintained their membership payments June 1st
  • MEMBERS ON HOLD: Members who were on hold - will remain on hold until original request expires. You will be welcomed back to take class once your hold is lifted. We will not be able to provide early hold lifts.
  • PUNCHCARDS: We are hoping to have more staff members by July 1st and therefore more classes. Please keep in touch, we will do our best to have you back in class by July 1st at the earliest and August 1st at the latest. Your punchcard expiration dates will be extended accordingly.
  • TERMINATED: Terminated members - members who terminated and would like to participate in class by purchasing a punchcard or a membership will be asked to wait until August 15th (date is approximate)
  • NEW CLIENTS: no new memberships, punchcards will be sold until further notice. Currently, we are unable to serve new clients.
  • Private lessons & Rolfing sessions - If you have pre-paid packages and individual lessons we will be contacting you individually to see if you would like to schedule.
  • New private lessons and Rolfing sessions: July 1st. (date is approximate)

We would love to get you to class as quickly as possible. We will know more about the distances that we are allowed between clients and class sizes after the soft opening. There is obviously a lot of uncertainty surrounding this. Our guidance from the city and the state changes by the day and we are doing our best to keep up with the changes. In order to keep everyone safe and follow city and state laws we obviously need time to respond and in order to keep you safe and healthy.

Stay tuned for updates & changes.