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Build your confidence in the basics on the mat and get more from every workout. Dive into the techniques that will strengthen and tone your core, ease the aches and pains, and leave you feeling taller and energized at the end of the day.


  • Saturday, January 25th
  • 1:00pm - 5:00pm
  • members only promo code: VASIECONFIDENCE

Taught By

Kristina Holdridge

VASIE Senior Instructor

Kristina has been with Studio One for over 15 years. She has taught a variety of classes during her time here and has a highly trained eye to help you get the most of every move! She's excited to help you understand the basics and learn how and why we do these exercises

If you haven't taken a class with Kristina yet, you should definitely check this one out! Kristina is known for her great workouts that better your movement & will help you feel better than when you walk in. She's also known for her great sense of humor!


STUDIO ONE CLIENT? - If you've been attending classes for a couple weeks or for years, this class is for you! You'll get a great workout and get to work on some of the exercises you want to focus on more. This class is ideal for anyone at any level.

NEW TO STUDIO ONE? - If you are new to Studio One, please attend at least one Pilates 101 class prior. attend a 101


1. If your back & joint pain is persistent and you are limited on how long you can spend on the mat, please consider skipping this class

2. no curiosity and you just want a hard workout. hey, we are all about LEARNING here, learn before do. There will be anatomy, practice, partner work and analysis of your technique! skip if you are just looking for a hard workout.


We are going for RESULTS!

  • - strong & toned low abs
  • - improved breathing
  • - confident kegeling
  • - less neck strain in ab prep and scissors
  • - more control and ease in each basic move
  • - tailor the exercises to YOU!


  • You're probably already familiar with hands-on-corrections in your regular classes...

Work in a semi private environment to ask questions, go in-depth to each exercise, and have the time to really tweak each movement to get results!

110% Money Back Guarantee

If you hate it, we will give you 110% back

members only promo code: VASIECONFIDENCE



$85 for studio one members

members only promo code: VASIECONFIDENCE


Get a discount on a private lesson: pay only $35 for a one-on-one. Normally $75.

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