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🦴Subtle connections, profound result - Anatomy

The small muscles on the front of your neck are deep and can be difficult to activate. Remember the first time you tried to kegel and breath at the same time? Challenging right? Look for a subtle muscular contraction and the sensation of length and ease in your neck and head.


Superficial Muscles of the neck

When small stabilizing muscles shut off, we are left with using big mover muscles that cause excessive tension and poor posture

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Deep neck muscle

  • Longus Colli
  • Longus Capitus
  • Small stabilizing muscles of your neck are located deep, and directly on your spine. These dark meat muscles are constantly at work to keep you pain free and moving with ease.

👀 3 "invisible" exercises for a long neck

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EXERCISE 1: Neck Imprint


Slightly nod your chin toward your throat, allow the back to the neck to get just a bit closer to the mat. Avoid over doing it.

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EXERCISE 2 Head Wins - side bend

Directions: Gently press your head into your hand as if you are trying to get your ear closer to your shoulder.

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EXERCISE 3 Hand Wins - side bend


Gently press your hand into your head. Resist. Hold, release

EXERCISE 3.5 Correcting C2 Functional Relationship

Lie on your back for this. Place the heel of your hand on your temples. Slightly nod chin. Use the muscles at the base of your skull. Starting with your eyes try to turn your head left and right but resist with your hand.

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