Tristen Brown

Client Care Coordinator

Why I came to Studio One

My need to find an environment where I could pursue my desire of helping others realize their potential was impacting my life more than I could expect. Interaction and meaningful connections keep my spirits lifted through the dark winter months.

Training/Education/Past life

My background in traditional fitness management caused a little bit of a struggle when beginning pilates. The idea of harder and faster workouts was on my mind from day one. I started at Studio One and fell in love with the VASIE technique, and after finishing the VASIE Instructor Training course with Ana, my outlook on Pilates was changed for the better, forever.

Favorite thing about Alaska

The all-day summer sun! I love staying up through the warm bright nights and brilliant early mornings. The running trails are abundant, and the wilderness expansive. I couldn't ask for a better place to roam.

Guilty Pleasure

Ben and Jerrys' "Tonight dough" I could eat a pint every night if the stores carried enough.