Pilates Instructor

Tammy Smith

VASIE Senior Instructor

Why I came to Studio One as a Client

I came to Studio One as a client back in November of 2009, choosing to take my boot camp in the midst of moving my household across town and planning and coordinating a church bazaar, because heck, I could fit it in. But it wasn't stress that brought me to the studio (surprisingly enough). Instead, I wanted to realign my posture to what it had been before I moved to Alaska.

Then an opportunity opened up in the spring of 2010 to become an instructor – which I thoroughly enjoy!!! Over the years, I have had the good fortune of working with both staff and clients during my time with Studio One. I look forward to continuing to provide quality service as a Certified Rolfer and Instructor to our Studio One clients.

Training/Education/Past Life:

Before Studio One Pilates, I lived all over the country, learning a great deal about business and customer service through a few different industry specialties. Since 2009, I have been coaching professionals in private practice, while growing my skills as a Senior Pilates Instructor here, and receiving my Rolfing Certification.

Favorite thing about Alaska

I LOVE . . . let me say that again . . . L-O-V-E . . . LOVE the snow!!! Yep – that’s one of my favorite things about Alaska . . . the people and the snow (and playing with my husky malamute in the snow – with or without other people).

Guilty Pleasure

In my “spare time”, I find the wonderful world of chocolate absolutely decadent ;0)