Studio One Instructors

Merilee Smith

VASIE Senior Instructor

Why I came to Studio One as a client

Curiosity brought me in the door nearly fifteen years ago. The uniqueness of Pilates at Studio One has kept me there. Studio One training has helped me enjoy all my other activities whether it is other sports, sitting at my desk job, or experiencing the great Alaskan outdoors.

Training/Education/Past life:

  • Master in Business Administration, Indiana University
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Partner, Blank and Smith, Certified Public Accountants
  • For fun I like to take advantage of all forms of exercise, including Pilates, of course, biking, hiking, spin, zumba, yoga, weights, long walks and various dance forms

Favorite thing about Alaska

Its beauty.

I don’t know many other places you can live and have your breath taken away by nearly every place you look.

You can enjoy the great outdoors all year long. It’s not too hot and there’s clothing for the cold.

There is a wildlife park right outside my window.