Marney Mallory

Why I came to Studio One as a client:

I first came to Studio One in 2016 after being referred by my Chiropractor. I struggled for years with pain and complications from scoliosis and suffered from anxiety. After attending class and going through a Rolfing®️ 10 series, I started seeing changes in my body I never thought were possible. My physicality, body awareness, balance, and self esteem greatly improved and I was able to keep myself pain free. It has been such an empowering experience. After seeing how beneficial VASIE pilates was for my own body, I knew I wanted to help others!

Training/Education/Past Life:

I currently work as a Dental Lab Technician and have worked part time as a Painting Instructor for 3 years. I love to create likenesses and make things with my hands, but being a technician can be a little isolating. I love to help people and forge personal connections and I feel really fortunate to have found spaces where I can do both. I have had several years of education in Drawing and Painting, as well as Dental Lab Technology. I have undergone the VASIE Instructor Training and am looking forward to many more years of growth and education.

Favorite Thing About Alaska:

I was born and raised in the small fishing town of Cordova, Alaska. I loved growing up in a wild and beautiful place with a strong sense of community. After living out of state and returning home, I realized that those things I loved about Cordova apply to the whole state! I also live for hiking and there is no place better for it. I enjoy traveling and seeing new places, but Alaska will always have my heart.

Guilty Pleasure:

Classic Rock and Moose Liver