Linda Barker-Shaw

Why I came to Studio One as a client

I became a client at Studio One after the recommendation of my physical therapist who had been treating me for a damaged disc and low back pain. My PT said that Studio One was the place for me to strengthen my core and start back to a daily exercise program that had been stalled because of my back pain and total knee replacements. He was right! As my core strength has increased, my back pain has decreased. I love learning how to apply Vasie Pilates to my own body, and having the opportunity to share that knowledge with others.

Training/Education/Past life:

I am the mother to three amazing adult children, have lived on four continents, and in five countries. I am a certified personal trainer, worked as a chocolatier, a baker, and a hairdresser.

Favorite thing about Alaska

What can I say, I love Alaska!