Studio One Instructor

Kristina Holdridge

VASIE Senior Instructor

Why I came to Studio One as a client

I came to Studio One close to fifteen years ago to find my "abs" and ended up with so much more. I've gained so much knowledge about my own body from Paul, Ana, and all the other instructors and in turn use that to help all of you gain strength in your own bodies. The best part truly are the friendships I've made and all the terrific stories of success found here at the studio. We're always moving forward and hope you'll join us!

Training/Education/Past life:

During my early years at the studio I was a full-time professional gardener. That's right: garden all day and teach Pilates at night. After having my daughter (she's 5) I switched gears to full-time instructor, part-time gardener. My higher education includes schooling for Horticulture and continuous training here at the studio.

Favorite thing about Alaska

My favorite thing about Alaska is the fact I grew up here and digging up all the "remember when" stories from my clients. There are some good ones!

Guilty Pleasure

I would say guilty pleasures are scary movies and rock & roll. The best "guilty pleasure" is when I get to take class here... the ultimate!