Studio Pilates Instructor

Heidi Beer

Why I came to Studio One as a client

I came to Studio One back in the day as they started up, then life took me away from the Studio. When both of my daughters wanted to do the ballet barre classes I jumped on it. As a runner, I had many foot issues and that along with the opportunity to work here brought me back for good. My feet feel great and although I have to keep up on working them hard, the Studio allows my feet and ankles to remain pain-free.

Training/Education/Past life:

My background is in Sports conditioning, core strengthening, sports/running training, and coaching. My field of work has been wellness, fitness, nutrition coaching and athletic conditioning, right here in Alaska since the 90’s.

I am currently instructing and coaching for Studio One VASIE Pilates. I continue to volunteer and work in fitness and multi-sport training as well as Nutrition and Weight Loss. Previously I had the pleasure to work for an Alaskan owned and operated Corporate Wellness company for 7 years running programs based out of the University (UAA) - where I work as a team to provide on-site and work site wellness programs.

I have completed over 95 triathlons and adventure races (Of various lengths from super-sprint to Half Ironman distance) finished over 30 Marathon, Half Marathon and (my favorite) 10-mile distance races, as well as several Ultra distance events (my longest being a 100K).

Favorite thing about Alaska

What makes Alaska so special and near and dear to me, is the people and the place (Different cultures and different terrain). Growing up here I fall in love over and over again with Alaska anytime I'm away.

Guilty Pleasure

Sleep is an unfortunate guilty pleasure for me, as the mother of four and grandmother of two (busy...busy). Plus the occasional drinking of a bottle of good wine!