Erin Gleason

Why I came to studio one as a client:

I came to studio one as a client because I had gained weight and back pain during my first real adult job. (It was sitting at a desk!). I was skeptical that pilates would actually change my body, but wanted to try something. I took boot camp and in 5 weeks I had grown 3/4 of an inch, felt better, and was hooked.

Training/education/past life:

I took the teacher training in August 2019 with Studio One and have been studying ever since. During the day I work as scientist for the state of Alaska. In my spare time I enjoy riding my bicycle and training my corgi Watson for canine nose work competitions.

B.S. Chemistry Western Washington University in 2009

M.S. Environmental Chemistry in 2015

Favorite thing about Alaska:

The people! It takes a special person to live in Alaska. I love the culture and community that Alaskans create for themselves.

Guilty Pleasure:

I have been to the future grave of Nicholas Cage.