Pilates for Joint Pain

Elaine Rasher

VASIE Senior Instructor

I have been at Studio One since its creation. In the fall of 2000, I seized the opportunity to become Pilates instructor and began my training. With my certification completed by May 2001, I began teaching private lessons and group classes. I have been inspired and challenged every day since.

I enjoy teaching challenging workouts that focus on the basics of strong, flexible feet, inner thighs, and abs. The rest of my week is split between my Rolfing practice and teaching Pilates for Structural Integration via private sessions. The combination of Pilates and Rolfing means that I can address a client's postural needs much more efficiently and effectively.

Training/Education/Past life:

  • STOTT Essential and Intermediate Mat Certification- May 2001
  • BOSU Certification- 2006
  • Certified Rolfer- Dec 2009

I have done many different things in my pre-Pilates life. In addition to working several different retail positions and prepping documents for the Exxon-Valdez litigation process, I spent 3-1/2 years working as a dental assistant and almost 8 years as a barista at Kaladi Brothers. My time at KBC was a fantastic experience that forged in me a deep and abiding love of coffee that thrives today!

Favorite thing about Alaska

My favorite thing about Alaska is the mountains, I think. It's difficult to narrow it down actually. The ocean is beautiful, the feel is expansive, and the air is amazing. And who can ignore the northern lights! The mountains are ever changing though. The lighting, the mood, the sharpness of sunlit ridges and shadowed softness of valleys. I never get tired of looking at them.

Guilty pleasure

My guilty pleasure is probably chocolate. Dark, milk, white, with nuts, caramel, toffee, plain and especially with peanut butter. I love it all!!