Studio One Instructor

Brianna Najar


Why I came to Studio One:

After moving to Alaska from California as a young new wife, I came to the studio as a Front Desk person. After working for the studio for a couple of weeks I realized what amazing benefits we had to offer and I was hooked. I jumped into training and started teaching group classes. Being able to help people be healthy and have their bodies out of pain is so rewarding in itself! I love working so close with people and having that one-on-one connection!

Training/Education/Past Life:

My past life I was a California girl, born and raised! It will always be home but Alaska holds my heart!

After graduating high school I got married to my high school sweetheart! The Army brought us to Alaska.

Favorite thing about Alaska:

Definitely the summer. Nothing will ever beat the green and wildlife Alaska has to offer! Also, how humble and genuine all the Alaskans are!

Guilty Pleasure:

Definitely vegging out with my husband on the weekends. I can always go for a good movie day with snacks, my dogs and cat, and my comfy couch!