Losing Weight While looking the other way….

In the new year many of us will set some physical goals. Often those goals will be around weight loss or fitness. If you haven’t been able to budge the needle for the past few years, you might want to focus on some life balance goals before you go for your main goal of weight loss. Weight is arguably a very important metric in terms of health and longevity. However, too much focus on that number or on the scale alone can exacerbate many of the reasons that it our weight persists.

Balance tends to beget balance. Focussing on improving the your overall balance will decrease your stress levels, balance hormones and make eating better and exercising feel more natural. In addition, as people become more balanced and centered, very often happiness follows.

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Instead of focusing on calories consider focussing on the quality of the food you eat. Learn some new and healthy meals. Eat enough fat and protein to keep your body happy and your blood sugar stable. Try to get the RDA of fiber.

In the last few months I have changed the order of how I eat my meals.

  • Course 1: get full on carrots, and salad.
  • Course 2: eat cooked vegetables
  • Course 3: Proteins & fats
  • Course 4: Carbs

This way of eating has balanced my diet. When I am stuffed with low calorie vegetables it is hard to overeat on the protein and carb courses. I’m still working on this but when I fail I find the carbs and fats and proteins eaten and I find less room for the good stuff. I am seeing that this strategy tends to boost my nutrition and fiber. In addition, it definitely decreases my overall caloric intake from each meal.

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Bodywork & Exercise

Bodywork can help you;

  • Get out of pain.
  • Build body appreciation, and awareness of your body as it is
  • Help improve serotonin and hormone levels.


  • Keep up your cardio.
  • Get outside! Too many people sit inside in the winter. Even when it is cold Nature is a healer and balancer.
  • Hiking is mosquito, bear, and tourist free all winter!
  • Snowshoeing is an amazing way to get out & explore.
  • Plan a fitness vacation or take up a new fitness hobby!
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Acupuncture is designed to build balance in mind body and spirit. Having the support of a good practitioner can help lend balance in periods of stress or lack of sunlight. Plan on getting several sessions to address things like sleep, anxiety, mood or energy.

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Do what you can to improve your quality of sleep. Make your bedroom a beautiful, orderly and restful place. If you can’t sleep, you might as well be able to relax while you are counting those sheep… Other recommendation - find a boring podcast and listen to it on 1/2 speed…

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Basic Blood and Health Tests:

Make sure you get tested to keep your thyroid, hormones, and basic health measures in line. Low thyroid and hormone imbalances can make your life feel hopeless! Get your screenings.

Additionally, you might want to look into what foods are best for you. Work with your doctor or naturopath if you expect food allergies or intolerances. Allergies and intolerances can destroy your mood, digestion, and energy levels.

Clean out the Cupboards:

Clear the junk out of your house! The biggest problem with sugary foods and simple carbs is that they launch many people on a blood sugar roller coaster. Once you get on a blood sugar roller coaster, it is hard to resist simple carbs because your blood sugar is bouncing all over the place. Your body is literally begging for its next fix. Suggestion: Get all of the high carb, high sugar, processed foods out of the house. If you get a sugar craving, you can drive to the store and satisfy it. Make sure you throw these items out rather than finishing them. I love ice cream and sweets… However, they are simply bad for you. Keeping them at home is committing to finishing them or even worse tempting someone else.

Note: People are loath to throw out sugary treats. It is wasting “food” in many the mind of many people. However, would you keep “extra” cigarettes around (or worse smoke them) so that they don’t go to waste? Would you leave booze around if you had a friend who had a drinking problem? Or worse yet, offer it to them? The jury is pretty much out on sugar. It’s bad news. I still eat it. I just try not to contribute to the problem by sharing it very often. Just something to consider.

Balance Your Structure and Energy:

Understandably, I am a huge fan of Rolfing and Pilates. Both can be used to add energetic as well as physical balance to the body. As people become more centered and grounded, most people find that stress levels begin to drop. Stress eating tends to drop as the body becomes more balanced.

Therapy: Hurt, anger, and resentment tend to create stress and poor mood. Clear up the emotional stuff and you might feel less need to tamp the negative emotions down with fat & carbs!