How’s Your 2020 Vision?

Goal setting is very different than it used to be. When setting goals in 1990 there was no Youtube, Instagram, or Netflix. However, In 2020, I could see at least 1000 things that show me how vastly different my life could/should be every time I open my phone. There are thousands of posts per minute tell us how we could be wealthy, living in paradise, having our dream body, sipping something delicious while we solve world hunger. While there is nothing wrong believing the most, the distraction of it all can seem to get in the way of setting realistic and meaningful goals that will help build an actual life of service and meaning from where we are right now.

So, in a world of Kanye and Kardashians, how do we begin to set goals that actually pertain to our lives?

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Step 1: Be Grateful to yourself.

Take a look around at everything and everyone you value. Pat yourself on the back for simply surviving this long in life and remember to celebrate your little victories.

  • Project: Reflect

Take 10 - 15 minutes to write a list of what you accomplished this year. Most people will need to call a friend or talk to their spouse to remind them of the great things they’ve done. You probably accomplished much more this year than you can remember. Give yourself credit for what you got done, where you were brave, fun you had with friends and anything else positive in your life.

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Step 2: Review your Vision and your Mission (and your dreams):

Most of us have at some point tried to write a vision and mission statement for our lives. If not… google it.

If you are happy with your vision and mission, go ahead and review them. Brainstorm ways you can improve your alignment between what’s happening now and your ideal vision for the future. These will be directional goals. They are not specific but serve as a broad outline.

If you don’t see anyway that your vision and mission align with your day to day, look for small ways to integrate your beliefs into how you interact with your people and the things you do in each part of your life. Implement tiny things into how you work, or communicate. If you're a barista and your dream is world peace, you can start by making each person you serve feel valued, and connected. This is an extrapolation of the “how you do one thing is how you do everything” theory.

No Vision or Mission at this point? There’s a good chance you already know it intuitively. Look at what you value and what you’re most proud of, and work backwards.

Finally, take a minute to dream. Anything you’ve left out? The things we dream of doing often get left off of the list. Take a moment to look at your dreams and see if your daily actions are supporting you in moving toward these…


Step 3: General Goals

The big general goals are often pretty easy. General goals can typically be categorized as health, financial, work, relationship, spiritual. Goals can be to lose weight, spend more time with family, etc. Most of us can name a few of these off the top of our heads. There is power in simply writing goals down on paper. Quite often things just begin to happen.

Next, look back at the goals you have that haven’t been getting accomplished. These goals are often areas where we have some mental or emotional baggage. Take a bit of time on these to look at where you might be stumbling a bit. if they’re important to you: set a goal to get some help.

Here’s to hoping that 2020 is your best year ever. Google the words goal setting and you’ll get thousands of links!