What Shoes Should I Wear, When?

As a twenty year Rolfer®, this is a question that I get a lot.

The answer is of course a bit complicated, because people's feet are different. They are different because of a person’s history, the quality of their joints and connective tissue as well as their activities.

In general, I recommend that most people maintain a quiver of high quality, comfortable, well fitting and occasionally stylish shoes. The stylish ones can be worn in doses because they are good for your soul; no pun intended!Before we go further, we should look at what a foot is and how it functions. Most people refer to the foot as the “foundation” of the body. We see it as something much more alive and dynamic. Even while you are standing still you can watch the muscles in your foot and lower leg working hard to keep the body balanced and upright. In fact, your posture literally hangs off of the soleus muscle in the lower leg much of the time.