5 Shoe Strategies For All Day Comfort, Confidence & Energy

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1. Maintain a good selection for every occasion.

You should have, at least, a few pairs of high-quality shoes that fit well. Wearing one pair of shoes will only make your feet muscles lazy, as well as cause your lower legs and ankles to get “set in their ways.” Ensure you change your footwear throughout the day. This is especially important if you wear an unstable shoe, like heels, fairly often.

2. Don’t shun support.

If you have unusually long days on your feet it is a good idea to give them some extra support. We have seen a lot of clients get plantar fasciitis after a vacation where they go from walking very little to miles a day. Walking is great, but maybe give your feet a couple of days to come up to speed. Support is typically more important for people who have a naturally high or low arch.

3. Don’t rely on support too much.

Relying full time on orthotics or a Dansko type of shoe can make your foot muscles very lazy... As we said above, support is good, but too much support all the time can make your foot muscles atrophic. Overly supported feet will often become inflexible and weak resulting in the loss of their ability to provide the dynamic support that can feel energizing and contribute to great posture.

4. When selecting shoes you should check in with your whole body.

Ask a friend how your posture looks in different pairs of shoes. They might look great but suck all your energy or make you walk funny.

Check-in as you try on a pair of shoes:

  • Does your breathing feel good?
  • Does your posture feel good?
  • Does your posture feel supported?
  • Is it easy to stand up tall?

5. No shoes

For the majority of people, a beach vacation is amazing for your feet. if you are prone to foot problems we would say take it easy the first couple of days. With a little consideration and patience, your feet will come up to speed very very fast.