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Deepen your knowledge, confidence, and result for each Deep Core Toning exercise on the Mat. We can all agree on the fact that getting great results from VASIE Pilates is ALL ABOUT THE BASICS. If you've ever struggled with Posture Prep, Ab Prep, Legs to Table Top or Small Extension...this class is for you! Back-To-Basics = Outstanding Outcome. members only promo code: MEMBERSROCK


Saturday, February 23rd

11:00am - 4:00pm

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Taught By

Ana Kokaurova


her team of instructors

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Everyone is welcome to this class.

STUDIO ONE CLIENT? - Deep Core Toning is the basics for a structurally integrated body...I don't about you but after 17 years of doing VASIE Pilates I still get corrections on the basics, we can all, always improve on the fundamentals of body mechanics. If you've been coming for one week or 15 years I truly hope to see you there. - Ana

NEW TO STUDIO ONE? - If you are new to Studio One this class is a great way to learn the technique and jump-start your fitness routine! Please attend at least one Pilates 101 class prior. attend a 101


1. If your back & joint pain is persistent and you are limited on how long you can spend on the mat, please consider skipping this class

2. no curiosity and you just want a hard workout. hey, we are all about LEARNING here, learn before do. There will be anatomy, practice, partner work and analysis of your technique! skip if you are just looking for a hard workout.

members only promo code: MEMBERSROCK


we are going for RESULTS!

- stronger low abs

- improved breathing

- confident kegeling

- less neck strain in ab prep and scissors

- more control and ease in each basic move

- tailor the exercises to YOU!

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  • 10 instructors to 20 clients
  • work in a semi-private environment

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Online Access

Access to online DEEP CORE TONING videos for a month. not available to anyone else on this entire planet yet.

110% Money Back Guarantee

if you hate it, we will give you 110% back

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$85 for studio one members

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get a discount on a deep core toning private lesson: pay only $35 for a one-on-one. Normally $75.

What else

This intensive is part one of 12 sessions of our Movement University Classes. See site for future classes, details plans & perks!

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