Pilates basics (aka Whole Body Boot Camp)

This class is all about RESULTS! Flatten your abs, strengthen your deep core and tone your legs/glutes in 30 days. Studio One has been helping people lose 4-6 inches, gain 1/2 inch in height and visibly improve posture for over 15 years. You will master the basic moves, gain confidence and learn life-long training skills. For best results attend Pilates 101 before you begin the Pilates basics class.

Boot Camps in Anchorage
  • Schedule:
  • Schedule varies throughout the week. Classes are ongoing, join anytime after completing Pilates 101. Mix and match schedule as needed. Please see the schedule.
  • We look forward to seeing you. Sign up
  • Price:
  • $225 {12 classes} Classes expire within 6 month.
  • OR
  • $129/month with the Unlimited all-access membership.

What to expect:

  • Two instructors in every Pilates Basics class
  • Small classes (15-17 clients)
  • Every class is designed in an hour format: 30 minutes on core exercises with a focus on repetition and precision; 20 minutes on the focus of the week in a workshop style format. The focus of the week rotates between Strong Supported Shoulders, Toned Glutes and Toned Abs.

Why people LOVE this class

1. We help you do it right. There are two instructors in every class. This allows for personal attention and killer results.

2. Joint safe and restorative to help you do more of what you want in your life. Keep your joints happy and keep humming along. Programs are reviewed and approved by physical therapists.

3. Posture, core strength & focus on tone. Every workout will give you better posture, more muscle tone, and a stronger core. Often you can feel the instant difference in just one or two exercises.