Master Classes

Master classes are two-hour plateau busters that help you reach the next level of integration!

You don't have to be a Pilates master to take a master class!

Master classes are the heart of your learning and education at Studio One. They provide the opportunity to really slow down and learn something profoundly new about your body. Every master class is carefully designed to help you get several “ah-ha” moments.

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  • This two-hour workshop is typically on a Saturday. View schedule.

Follow the numbers and do series 1 – 6

Series 1- 6 is for clients who have attended classes for a couple of months or more and who have completed all or most of 1-3. Time spent doing VASIE workouts has already changed your body, your movement, and your postural reflexes more than you realize. These classes will take you to the next level of structural integration. Series 1-6 will significantly accelerate your group class results, improve body awareness, and make you a VASIE master!

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