integration, strength & flexibility {advanced}


The name says it all - integration, strength and flexibility. ISF classes work your whole body, there is more emphasis on increasing strength, stamina, and range of motion. Under the hood, this workout will give you more than just a sweaty t-shirt. ISF classes are carefully planned to bring your body to the next level of cohesiveness and integration. Structural integration means all the parts are working together in harmony. Imagine lifting your arm and your neck stays long and relaxed or walking smoothly with your feet solid on the ground and your chest lifted effortlessly. Sign up for an ISF class and see for yourself!

ISF+ classes are the most advanced classes at Studio One and include exercises that are not recommended for people with osteoporosis, joint pain, instablity or spinal disk issues.

Structural Integration Anchorage
  • Price:
  • 12 class for $225 [best deal if attending 1/week].
  • Unlimited $99-$129/month. [Best deal if attending 2/week]
  • Schedule
  • Monday - Saturday. View schedule & Sign up
  • ISF results
  • refine your structure
  • build longer, leaner muscles
  • increase movement in the spine
  • increase flexibility
  • increase range of motion
  • integrate and strengthen upper body
  • challenge coordination and proprioception
  • When am I ready for an ISF class?
  • Perhaps sooner than you think! Don't wait for DCT classes to get easier before trying ISF. ISF classes are a full body workout
  • 1. When you can bring your second leg into table top and be relatively stable in the lower back. A little movement is okay but you want that confidence that you can have both into the table top or know how to modify.
  • 2. When you can maintain good low back and pelvic stability while doing exercises facedown.
  • 3. You feel comfortable with your breathing and you can follow along with the class.
  • 4. When you know modifications for the neck or how to stay out of your neck muscles.
  • Be sure to introduce yourself to the assistant in the class and let them know it’s your first ISF class, they will help you do your best.
  • Mat VS Reformer
  • Mat classes focus on: core strength, inner thigh work, and stability.
  • Reformer: core, foot, and shoulder strength. controlled stretching and more movement.