Healthy Back & Joint Basics {beginner level}

Learn to move without pain in 30 days and do more of what you love in your life. The inspiration for giving people the tools to keep themselves pain-free came from Paul Van Alstine, studio owner, personal experience of chronic joint, neck and back pain. If you suffer from joint pain, have completed your physical therapy sessions or looking to add to your chiropractic care this class might be a great addition. With two instructors in every Back & Joint class, you will learn essential stability, core and breathing exercises to help you move through life with less pain.

Ask your health care provider if the class is right for you. Try a Jump Start 101 class before starting your Back & Joint program.

Pilates Exercise for Low Back
  • Schedule:
  • Schedule varies throughout the week. Classes are ongoing, join anytime after completing Jump Start 101. Mix and match schedule as needed.
  • We look forward to seeing you. Sign up
  • Price:
  • $225 {12 classes} Classes expire within 6 month.
  • OR
  • FREE with any membership. Classes do not expire for members.
  • Results:
  • Lose inches around your middle
  • Decrease pain and gain control
  • Strengthen your core

  • Learn the basic moves, personal modifications, experience a shift in your posture.
  • We recommend for you to complete at least six classes before progressing to the next level.

Why are the Back & Joint classes so successful in treating back and joint pain?

Research based: The Back & Joint course has been developed using recent research on exercises for back and neck pain, spinal stabilization, and safe group exercise protocols. Over the last 10+ years roughly 100 physical therapists, medical doctors, chiropractors and Rolfers(r) have contributed to the set of pain relieving exercises and techniques.

Practical: You will learn lifelong fitness skills you can take into your everyday life. Every week there is a new focus to guarantee your learning is well-rounded.

Tailored: One size doesn't fit all. Studio One staff are trained to provide modifications and alternative exercises to help each client go to the next level. Small classes, great cues, and two instructors in every class allows for this unique tailoring of exercises.