deep core toning {intermediate}

What is a DEEP CORE TONING™ (DCT) class?

Unique to VASIE Pilates a deep core toning classes are unlike any other fitness class in the world. They are designed to retrain breath and unite breath and movement in a very specific way. DCT classes will restart your core reflexes, help you to get your body and posture back by using specialized VASIE breathing techniques. In DCT you will gain a strong core and stronger joints to meet the demands of your daily life. DCT classes will kick start your most primal reflexes and begin to re-engage muscles that you will never work out in a normal gym setting. Your abs will typically flatten far faster and stay flat far longer using DCT than other exercises that make you really sore but change nothing. For best results please attend 6-12 of the Whole Body Boot Camp or Healthy Back & Joint Basics or 2-4 private lessons before starting DCT classes.

Structural Bodywork
  • Price:
  • 12 class for $225 [best deal if attending 1/week].
  • Unlimited $99-$129/month. [Best deal if attending 2/week]
  • Schedule
  • Monday - Saturday. View schedule & Sign up
  • DCT results
  • tone & strengthen low abs, inner thighs
  • tone & strengthen rotator cuff, glutes and feet
  • ground/center your nervous system
  • optimize diaphragmatic breathing
  • restore, improve and retain pelvic floor tone
  • help stabilize spinal segments
  • Mat VS Reformer
  • Mat classes focus on: core strength, inner thigh work, and stability.
  • Reformer: core, foot, and shoulder strength. controlled stretching and a bit more movement.
  • Perfect for
  • Anyone looking to maintain deep internal strength, effortless posture, and tone.
  • People with chronic pain from joint or spinal issues—such as degenerative discs, disc bulges or facet issues.