Originally designed as a prenatal program we've expanded this class to anyone who wants to gain more tone in the arms, upper back and legs. Great for improving your balance, posture, and coordination this class is done entirely on the Pilates Chair.

We've developed 3 levels of Chair classes : Basics*, Plus*, and Strength & Flexibility. Basics and Plus classes are safe during pregnancy, and will help tone pelvic floor muscles, minimize back & neck pain and reduce incontinence. Designed by Melissa Sundberg, DPT, OCS, COMT, Angelique Garnand and Ana Kokaurova, Training Director, Rolfer®.

Chair Strength & Flexibility is great for anyone who has done some Chair classes before and wants to add more endurance, range of motion, and strength.

Great for prenatal clients*. (Strength & Flexibility is not advised)



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  • Price:
  • $250 for 12 classes
  • Included with All-Access Memberships
  • Results
  • *Improved balance & coordination
  • *Strong & toned arms
  • *Stability
  • *Easy, effortless standing posture

    *Un-hunched shoulders and spine

  • *A strong pelvic floor & core
  • Perfect for
  • Prenatal women*
  • Anyone who has difficultly getting on and off the mat/reformer*
  • If you spend a lot of time sitting
  • Anyone who hikes or bikes!
  • *Chair Strength & Flexibility is not advised