Angelique and Amanda on Reformer

New or Returning?

For great results, we recommend you start with a one-time class Pilates 101 and progress to Pilates Basics or the Healthy Back & Joint Basics class. These programs are designed to help you lose inches, lose the pain and get taller all in just 10 - 12 classes. Check out Pilates 101 to get started.

Done With Pilates Basics?

Keep it going with Deep Core Toning Mat & Reformer classes and increase your core, glute, leg and arm strength. Add in Barre and Chair Plus classes for improved balance, killer looking legs and glutes.

Ready for More?

Increase your stretch, cardio, and strength. Add Integration, Strength & Flexibility, Cardio Circuit, and Express Abs classes when you are ready for more. Be sure to keep some Deep Core Toning classes on your schedule to maintain the basics of deep core strength and stability.