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The Pilates Chair is an amazing tool for balance, proprioception, core strength and resistance training. Like the Pilates reformer machine, Joseph Pilates created this piece of equipment to elongate muscles while strengthening and toning the deep stabilizing muscles around each joint. Chair classes are new to studio one and if you have yet to try a class or are looking to increase your knowledge and confidence join us for the intensive!


  • Saturday, April 25th
  • 1:00pm - 5:00pm
  • members only promo code: VASIECONFIDENCE

Taught By

Linda Barker - Shaw

VASIE Instructor

Linda first came to the Studio to focus on her own body & LOVES working with new clients to help them with the technique and feel something new in their own bodies!

Even if you haven't taken a Chair class with Linda yet, she'll make sure you leave this intensive feeling comfortable with the equipment and knowing your modifications. She really makes sure client's understand the way their body functions in order to get results and keep it working... forever!


STUDIO ONE CLIENT? - If you've been taking classes for a couple of weeks or several years - Chair classes are great to include in your repitore of classes!

Bonus: If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, have difficulties getting up and down off the mat, or are pregnant, this class will be best for you!

NEW TO STUDIO ONE? - If you are new to Studio One, please attend at least one Pilates 101 class prior. attend a 101


1. If your back & joint pain is persistent, please consider skipping this class

2. no curiosity and you just want a hard workout. hey, we are all about LEARNING here, learn before do. There will be anatomy, practice, partner work and analysis of your technique! skip if you are just looking for a hard workout.


We are going for RESULTS!

  • - tips for better balance

    - stronger legs and better hip mobility

    - better sitting posture

    - increased range of motion in legs and knees


  • You're probably already familiar with hands-on-corrections in your regular classes...

Work in a semi private environment to ask questions, go in-depth to each exercise, and have the time to really tweak each movement to get results!

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members only promo code: VASIECONFIDENCE



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members only promo code: VASIECONFIDENCE


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