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Buying a Package?

A package is defined as a bundle of services and/or classes that when combined cost less per service or class than when the services or classes are sold separately.

  • For example:
  • - 1 private lesson normally costs $75 VS 10 private lessons costing only $675 ($67.50 per lesson)
  • - 1 Rolfing session, 1 private, 1 master class costs $325 if you were to buy the services separately. If studio one runs a special package offer, you could pay just $288 and save $97.

When you buy a bundle or a package you are agreeing to the following conditions:

  • - An expiration date. Please check your specific package details and be aware of when it expires.
  • - Packages may be non-refundable. Please make sure you are aware of your specific packages refund policy.
  • - A refundable package will be calculated as follows:

1. We will assess the services already used as if you purchased each session or class individually, at full price and subtract that total from the amount you paid and refund you the remaining amount.

2. Your discount will not be applied when calculating a package refund. For example: You bought a 10 private lesson package at $675 ($67.50 ea.) Completed only 3 lessons ($202.50) but decided not to continue. We will calculate each lesson at $75 ($225) and subtract that from your payment of $675 for a total refund of $450, vs $472.50

  • - Remaining sessions and services may be transferred to another client! Just give us their name and we're happy transfer them!


When you buy a service or class in a special package we are giving you a good deal or a steep discount because you are guaranteeing payment for staff and operations. When a refund on a package is requested you are breaking our agreement that you are going to use those services or classes in the future therefore we treat it as if you are buying the classes or sessions as individual services.

How is the billing set up for Packages with payment plans?

  • Payment plans are set up on the date of your choosing and charged to the card on file.
  • We cannot accept checks or cash for monthly payment plans.
  • After the amount of payments have been completed, payments will end.