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Best Natural Creams for Neck and Shoulder Pain

How To Get Some Immediate (almost) Relief Right Now... AND avoid some nasty side effects of oral pain relievers.

By Paul Van Alstine

  • If you are using Advil, Aspirin, Tylenol for neck and shoulder pain you may want to consider using Topical Pain Relief more frequently.
  • Many of the products you will see below may work as well or better than some over the counter painkillers but with far fewer side effects (heart attacks, digestive issues, kidney issues)...I have direct experience using some of the products that you will see on the links below.

1. Penetrex - This product works well. It has a light odor and it seems to help reduce inflammation and pains in my hands after a hard day of doing bodywork. Method of action: penetrex has several ingredients that are absorbed through the skin to help reduce inflammation and pain.


2. Bioron Arnica and Traumeel - People swear by these products but I personally

Both are homeopathic in nature and use Arnica. I have not found either to be particularly great. However, there are several studies that indicate it may be effective.


3. Bio Freeze - Biofreeze works using a counter-irritant strategy. Basically, it confuses the brain by creating a sensation that overrides the pain signals sent by your body from your pain area. This type of cream works much the same way a TENS unit will work.


My Favorite

The Healing Company Store Canna-Salve. I have some research into CBD's for pain relief and there is good evidence for this. I ordered this for my father for neuropathy in his legs. It is the only thing that has helped him besides the use of a TENS unit that I purchased for him. I have also seen it work well for myself and family on sprains strains and chronic inflammation. Also: This product appears to be free of many of the additives you will find in more mainstream products. Probably the best advice is to look at the reviews, see what conditions people report success with and find one or two to add to your arsenal of home remedies.

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