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Ever wonder what makes dancers so graceful? Spoiler: it's not the tights! The secret lies in neutral joints and balance of movement. Learn the tips to toning your legs, glutes, feet, and arms like a ballet tutu required!


  • Saturday, March 28th
  • 1:00pm - 5:00pm
  • members only promo code: VASIECONFIDENCE

Taught By

Amy Johnson

VASIE Instructor

Amy was a client for many years before joining the Studio One instructor team. her ability to break down the exercises to make sure you're feeling them in the right places will having you walking out of this intensive feeling taller, more confident, and stronger.

This is why Amy is excited to teach this intensive: "Why I love to teach barre, it's what I think we all strive to be: Grounded and Graceful. I love this philosophy to working out. It's not only physically challenging, it's also a mental practice. It's sneaky like that.


STUDIO ONE CLIENT? - Ballet Barre is great for anyone at any level of experience! Whether you've been coming to classes for a couple of weeks or several years, this class will bring your results to a new level.

Bonus: If you spend quite a bit of time on your feet, have difficulties getting up and down off the mat, are pregnant, or an athlete, this class will be best for you!

NEW TO STUDIO ONE? - If you are new to Studio One, please attend at least one Pilates 101 class prior. attend a 101


1. If your back & joint pain is persistent and you are limited on how long you can spend on the mat, please consider skipping this class

2. no curiosity and you just want a hard workout. hey, we are all about LEARNING here, learn before do. There will be anatomy, practice, partner work and analysis of your technique! skip if you are just looking for a hard workout.


We are going for RESULTS!

  • - best ballet arms - know how to tone your arms

    - effortless, beautiful posture

    - control over your inner thigh tone for life

    - longer neck

    - control over your glute tone for life

    - open collar bones

    - stronger feet

    - tailor the exercises to YOU!


  • You're probably already familiar with hands-on-corrections in your regular classes...

Work in a semi private environment to ask questions, go in-depth to each exercise, and have the time to really tweak each movement to get results!

110% Money Back Guarantee

If you hate it, we will give you 110% back

members only promo code: VASIECONFIDENCE



$85 for studio one members

members only promo code: VASIECONFIDENCE


Get a discount on a private lesson: pay only $35 for a one-on-one. Normally $75.

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