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Normally $220. On sale for $85/month

Only 15 Packages Available

Members loves to learn more about how to take their structure & movement further and how to keep doing everything they love well into their 90's. Learn more, get inspired and watch the transformation happen!

Now, members can add-on to their membership for access to all Master Classes and Intensives every month!

Normally $220. On sale for $85/month

Only 15 Packages Available

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For the price of 1 Intensive every month, you get access to all Master Classes & Intensives each month.

  • For $85/month additional attend as many Intensives & Master Classes as you like each month!
  • See Master Class Schedule
  • See Intensives Schedule
  • Get Priority sign up for both
  • Only 15 Membership upgrades available
  • 3-month minimum required
  • Must be a studio one member
  • Each Master class is $45 and each intensive is $85. Normally there are 3 Master classes and 1 intensive per month
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  • You can make 2 Master Classes a month (normally $90)
  • You can make 1 Master Classes and 1 Intensive a month (normally $130)
  • You're ready to bring your results to the next stage
  • You want to learn more about specific areas and specific exercises

NO IF...

  • Your Saturdays are usually pretty busy
  • You're simply not interested
  • You can only make 1 Master Class a month
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  • -Cannot be applied to previous purchases.
  • -There is a 3 month initial commitment.
  • -This contract will end at the end of 3 months (3 payments of $85)
  • -This is a use it or lose it add-on. If you don't attend any memberships or intensives you will not be refunded for that month.
  • -There are no holds or extensions, no refunds or exchanges.