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You get unlimited:

  • 20 min-cardio tramp classes
  • Mat classes
  • Barre classes
  • Express Abs classes
  • Arms and Shoulders classes

Why Mat & Barre?

  • flatter abs and stronger core in 3 months
  • Dancer butt and legs... no coordination or rhythm needed
  • improve balance & stability

Great option if you're working on:

  • increasing range of motion
  • joint stability
  • balance
  • no downhill jelly legs! 🏔

The Numbers

  • $79/month(Normally $135)
  • 3-month contract(Normally 6)
  • Keep your $79 rate for life*
  • Hold membership for 30 days.

Bonus & More Good News

  • Get a free private lesson to help you start off on the right foot!
  • Sign up & start anytime before 12.31.19


  • What if I have a mat membership already? you are safe! you can keep your mat membership. If you cancel your membership it will NOT be available for purchase later.
  • This is a 3 month contract. After the initial 3 months, it will automatically renew and you can cancel at any time with no cancellation fee. There is a cancellation fee if you choose to cancel within the first 3 months. 
  • As long as you let your membership continue, you will be locked into $79/month!
  • If you are converting to this membership deal, you will lose grandfathered status of any current membership.
  • Current memberships cannot be put on hold in order to buy this membership, it's either one or the other.
  • Not applicable toward previous purchases.
  • This membership allows for Mat & Barre classes only. The 20-minute Cardio Tramp is free to everyone!

Contract Details - know before you buy

  • Membership Money Back Guarantee: If you come to a class twice per week on average for a month and are not completely satisfied, we will be happy to give you a refund for the month of your attendance and void your contract. If you are unhappy or not getting the results we want to give you your money back! Just give it a good honest try share your feedback and come to class at least twice per week for a month!
  • Membership Hold - Monthly memberships can be put on hold 30 days per year. There is a hold fee, but it’s only $5 for the month.
  • Billing Monthly memberships are charged on the date of your choice to your credit or debit card. We cannot accept check or cash for the month to month membership fees.
  • Keep your price for the life of your membership. How long is my membership commitment? This membership has a 3-month commitment. After your initial 3-month, your membership will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis until you let us know that you’d like to terminate it. If you choose to termninate you will lose your low price.
  • Membership Termination - If you are still within your initial 3 months, the termination fee is the remainder of your 3-months of membership. Terminations notice of 30 days is required.