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No New Year's Resolution Package

There are only 3 months left of 2019 😱 & only 15 packages available!

What if you could cross a health & fitness goal off your list because you were already on your way?

What else could you achieve in 2020? 😏

  • $450, normally $800
  • *3 months of online
  • *3 private lessons
  • *3 months of classes
  • *2 master classes

New to Studio One? 

Try a free beginner's class!

Know Before You Buy

  • Sale ends 10.19.19.
  • Learn more about buying a package.
  • Not applicable to previous purchases, no trades, or refunds.
  • Cannot be applied to previous purchases.
  • All instructors are included in this package!
  • Online access will be sent via email shortly after purchase.
  • 1 package per client.
  • Sessions are good for 6 months.
  • You will be prompted to enter credit card information when registering for online classes. All specific information about our online classes can be found HERE.

I'm already a member, what does this package mean for me?

With purchasing this package, you've prepaid for the next 3 months! We'll make sure nothing gets charged to your card.

I'm not currently a member, what if I'd like to continue with group classes?

If you're new, we'd love to have you come to Pilates 101 before you get started. It's free! We generally offer a deal on membership in that class - check it out and see if you're interested!

If you've been a punchcard client or have dropped into classes in the past, you can still get a discount for continuing! You can take advantage of our other PFD special - $109 / month for Unlimited, All-Access and set that membership to start when the 3 months included in this package are up! We won't charge you until that date!

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3 Private Sessions with a Senior Instructor

$210, normally $255

3 sessions with Tammy Smith, Elaine Rasher, or Kristina Holdridge*.

New to Studio One?

Try a free beginner's class!

What happens when you work with a Senior Instructor?


Did you know that our current senior instructor team has a total of 40 years of VASIE experience? 🤓

Like all of our instructors, they are dedicated to YOU. Their highly trained eye, years of experience and sheer enthusiasm for VASIE, means you'll make lasting and life-changing leaps towards your goals.

Hurry - only 10 packages available!

Know Before You Buy

  • Sessions are good for 6 months.
  • Learn more about buying a package.
  • Sale ends 10.19.19
  • Limit 1 package per client.
  • Limited sessions available, only 10 packages available.
  • Sessions only for Tammy, Elaine, or Kristina*
  • *Because of Kristina's availability, she is currently not accepting new clients.
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3 Months of Unlimited, All Access

Member Perks & Benefits

You've dedicated your time and energy to make it to classes, so here are some perks & benefits to being a member at Studio One...

  • Be the first to know what events are happening, glimpse into what you'll see in classes through the week & much more!
  • When you come to classes consistently, you'll be amazed by the results you get! Here's the great thing though... You'll learn how to bring your body & health to the next level, and even how to apply the fine movements and techniques to your everyday life and other activities. We're all about learning, so if you like learning something new and inspiring (or impressing) others - you'll LOVE being a member. ❤️

new to studio one

Try a free beginner's class!

Know Before You Buy

  • $109 / month. 3-month commitment
  • After your first 3 months, your contract will automatically renew on a month to month basis at the same low rate ($109).
  • Come to as many classes as you 'd like!
  • Sale ends 10.19.19, but start any time before 12.31.2019!
  • See money-back guarantee
  • Current members switching to this deal will lose current membership perks.
  • Current memberships cannot be put on hold to purchase this deal, it's either one or the other.
  • It cannot be applied to previous purchases.