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Feet: You are smart for wanting to know more!

Stronger feet are essential to unlocking beautiful posture now. Women's feet, in particular, are prone to more injuries due to footwear, frequent ankle sprains, more flexible ligaments, and tendons.

This Class Is For You If:

  • Your workouts have stopped improving your tone. We call it a "tone plateau".
  • You have/worry about foot problems - eg. bunions, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, flat feet.
  • Your feet are keeping you from fully enjoying your life!
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What You Get During Class:

  • Try Pilates Mat, Barre and Reformer exercises.
  • We will help you decide the best program for you.
  • Hands-on corrections to help feel the exercises in the right places.
  • Learn breathing techniques for a stronger core.
  • Learn all the basics to get you ready for the Whole Body Boot Camp/Healthy Back & Joint Basics.
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SOLD OUT: More Classes Added For August Only.

Free stuff:

  • A free flex-band for at home practice.
  • $20 to use toward a private lesson.

Just Added: Foot Class For Long Term Clients

Why you should attend this class in person

Videos and gym classes can work great if you are only seeking conditioning. These foot exercises and all of the carefully selected Pilates and rehab exercises we choose for our VASIE workouts are designed to go beyond conditioning to make long lasting postural changes. After finishing this class we guarantee you will feel different in your feet and legs - not only conditioned but more grounded and postural improvements and less stress.

Our guarantee to you:

Our double money back guarantee: If you hate this class or feel like we wasted your time we will give you your money back PLUS a $25 Kaladi gift card AND you still get to keep your flex-band and everything you learned.


Welcome to Studio One Pilates, the first Pilates studio in Anchorage, Alaska! Studio One Pilates offers a full spectrum of group fitness Pilates classes including whole body boot camp, back and joint boot camp, pre and post-natal, VASIE Barre, signature Studio One VASIE bar system and reformer program. All Studio One instructors are full-time professional instructors with advanced training and five hours of continued weekly advanced study. In addition, all Studio One programs are research-based, reviewed, and approved by over 100 local physical therapists and medical doctors.


  • membership money back guarantee
  • Come to a class twice per week on average for a month. If you are not completely satisfied, we will be happy to give you a refund your month of your attendance and void your contract.

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